Site #1

We are pleased to announce our first site for RECLAIM THE CURB… congratulations Nash Street Northcote!

The initiator of this site to be reclaimed is Michael Gourlay, CEO of Cultivating Community. We held an initial design consultation meeting last week to scope the site and talk about what the neighbourhood wanted to plant. It was agreed that an early spring date would be set for an event. This would be the best time to plant the citrus trees requested by the residents as the area experiences a high amount of frost during the cooler months.

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About Juliette

When Juliette was little, she came home from school and asked her mum in her little teary voice why the other kids at school didn’t like her. Her mum reassured her and said 'Don't worry Juliette, you're just different. That's all.' Since then, aware of her obvious difference to everyone else, Juliette is spending her time doing exactly what people wish to be doing – exactly what she wants. This blog is a celebration of taking a deep breath and just doing it. Currently Juliette can be found sipping tea and gardening somewhere in Central Victoria, Australia with her beloved and their excitable boys. She is also completing her PhD in Civic Agriculture and teaches at RMIT in Sustainable Consumption and Design Activism.

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