Reclaiming the Herbert Street garden

The reclamation of the vacant block on Herbert Street, in Northcote, is nearly upon us! We’re planting and  mulching and weeding and setting up compost bins, among other things, on September 9, from 10 am till 4 pm. This document has all the information you need, complete with before photos and wonderful sketches of what it’s going to look like once we’re done.Image

It’s a barren patch of land next to the train line, with a beautiful old apple tree. The kind of apple tree you can build a community around. And hang a swing from.




5 thoughts on “Reclaiming the Herbert Street garden

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  3. Was there any issues, permissions etc required from council? I would love to do something to the nature strip but every time I’ve asked my council if I can do something I get “It’s not allowed”.

    • Hi Tessa, I’ll have to check with Emily who’s been organising the Northcote one, but my suspicion is that the neighbours have just agreed among themselves that they want to do it and to take care of it. Perhaps you could just go ahead with your plans (mindful of sewer lines if you’re digging)?

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