Our apple tree

The Herbert Street garden reclamation was a tremendous success. I can assure you of this, because Emily wrote a poem about it, and that means it was damn good. She took photos too. Here’s the finished garden:


Here is the poem (thanks Emily):

Our Apple Tree Unites the Community

On Sunday the 9th of September Herbert Street Northcote Community came together to Reclaim the Curb

The day was delightful, energetic and superb.

People came to help from all over the place

And worked from breakfast, through lunch until they were red in the face.

Lucas from Libertas Food Gardens had a vision, did the inspiring designs and worked hard to get the plants to shoot

Laura united the community and led Herbert Street into action

Michael from Cultivating Community lent us their Ute and gave us soil as well as great advice

Sarah, Judith and Nadine cooked, baked, watered the whole team, and by gee was their lunch more than a dream!

Robert worked hard, and made it happen on the ground

Samuel shoveled, raked, planted, dug, dragged, pulled, then collapsed

Micha and Matt found some pallets to make the compost bin look swell

Michael and Juliette created a movement called “Reclaim the Curb”, which enabled a narrative and tools to inspire the community to thrive

Hilary and Taki worked like a symphony, watering, digging and gardening with glee

Simon painted, and painted and wheel barrowed to his hearts content

Stephen did some handy work, donated oregano, paint and even designed a beautiful chair to showcase at the Milan Design Fair

Leanne from across the street, made it happen, with paint brushes, extra water and all that was needed to fill in the gaps

Vanessa and Matt brought their talent for Urban Farming to the group, mulching, designing and giving a beautiful look

Seth, the puppy, guarded the crew and even lay of top of Samual to comfort him when he collapsed!

Liz, brought a calm energy to the place and gave help in every little corner with her grace

Ben and his lady, were a part of the history with “Transition Darebin”, they in fact named the place and started the vision for Our Apple Tree + they donated those beautiful Banana Trees, so Our Apple Tree has a friend.

Then, there were people, left right and centre who came from all locations on the day

Charlie from South Melbourne Commons planted her Lillies

Amanda from Merri Street Community Garden

Josephine took great photos

Members from the Northcote Library Food Garden gave a hand, said Gday and planted a beautiful native peach tree

A lady on Gladstone Street riding by donated her plants

The guy from Elm street watered the garden and inspired us all

Coburg Market donated some apple crates

The couple with their baby walked by and were chuffed with delight about the garden etc

All in all it was a wonderful day;

The Community spirit was brought together around this beautiful place,

We like to call it “Our Apple Tree”. 



 Get Involved

If you would like to get involved in further activities at the “Our Apple Tree, on Herbert Street” please become a fan of the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OurAppleTree     

We look forward to seeing you in the garden!




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