Mapping Melbourne

The concept of mapping is definitely alive and well in Melbourne. Although its not the ye old world maps that are being produced, but rather these state of the art maps aim to begin to track, record and share where amazing local food activities are. Whether it be where you can buy organic produce, where a pop up shop is, a green building, even a fruiting lemon tree! So if you’re visiting Melbourne (or if you’ve been here for a while and just need to be reminded) be sure to check out these maps to help you get the most out of your time here.

Local Harvest

Developed by the inspirational people behind the Ethical Consumer Guides, this map has over 800 sites of where you can buy, share, swap and engage with local food. Although this is a national directory, it was made in Melbourne only last year and as its early days, the map is still very Victorian focused. So perhaps you could help out by adding sites from areas beyond the Garden State…

Victoria My Community

Developed by VEIL this map shares locations of community faciliaties such as gardens, health centres, events, groups and services in your local area. It allows those people who live in the area to add to and share the information freely.

Urban Food Maps

I’ve included this map even though its a bit sneaky for me to do so. Reason being, is that its actaully in development at the moment. The link I’ve included is to the basic google maps platform however in about 6 weeks a new and improved app will be launched .. stay tuned for more information. In the meantime you can enjoy this very clunky Google map of where edible good is grown on or over public space.

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When Juliette was little, she came home from school and asked her mum in her little teary voice why the other kids at school didn’t like her. Her mum reassured her and said 'Don't worry Juliette, you're just different. That's all.' Since then, aware of her obvious difference to everyone else, Juliette is spending her time doing exactly what people wish to be doing – exactly what she wants. This blog is a celebration of taking a deep breath and just doing it. Currently Juliette can be found sipping tea and gardening somewhere in Central Victoria, Australia with her beloved and their excitable boys. She is also completing her PhD in Civic Agriculture and teaches at RMIT in Sustainable Consumption and Design Activism.

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