A World Outside of Melbourne

Contrary to popular belief there is a world outside of Melbourne.

And no, I’m not talking about Castlemaine.

I am one of those furiously loyal Victorians but having lived in 2 other states I’m also acutely aware that there is a life beyond our borders. I’ve often wonders what is going on in those areas … and now I have an answer for you. AWEganic Gardens (LOVE a play on words) from the Northern Terriorty.

Having gotten in contact with me over facebook regarding the competition and I have to say, I’m loving AWEganics gardens work. Victorians, eat your heart out check out the growth in this amazing tropical climate!

This is the patch this group has decided to reclaim on the corner of Chapman Rd and Fox St. Mung beans have been slashed so that citrus planting can begin. They are getting the community on board and rocking the show. If you live in the area please get in touch with this group over facebook and get involved.

Can’t wait to read their proposal in a few weeks. Best of luck!

If you are from outside Victoria and would like to share your curb-side tale, get in touch by leaving a comment below.

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About Juliette

When Juliette was little, she came home from school and asked her mum in her little teary voice why the other kids at school didn’t like her. Her mum reassured her and said 'Don't worry Juliette, you're just different. That's all.' Since then, aware of her obvious difference to everyone else, Juliette is spending her time doing exactly what people wish to be doing – exactly what she wants. This blog is a celebration of taking a deep breath and just doing it. Currently Juliette can be found sipping tea and gardening somewhere in Central Victoria, Australia with her beloved and their excitable boys. She is also completing her PhD in Civic Agriculture and teaches at RMIT in Sustainable Consumption and Design Activism.

One thought on “A World Outside of Melbourne

  1. thanks guys we are currently consulting with neighbours in our immediate vicinity, so far we have eleven on board and have been busy collecting “hard” rubbish to integrate permasculpture, stay tuned for our story with local harvest “this is why the chicken crossed the road”….

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