Project: Beacon Food Forest, Seatle

Patrick Jones gave me the heads up on this amazing project and although there was a mention of it in his interview yesterday, I thought it is a project well worth the extra attention.

Beacon Food Forest will be the largest community food forest on public land in the USA. Located just 2.5miles from downtown Seattle. The location is second to none and offers a really exciting opportunity to bring gardening permacultre style to the forefront in this busy city. Although work is yet to begin onsite the project has received an incredible amount of support and funding from local governments.

What I find most interesting about this project is that the edible planted in this food forest will be free for everyone to enjoy. In a country were private ownership, the right to bear arms and expanses of fertilised lawn is a sign of success and prosperity I’m very curious to see how this goes. Having said that to achieve a sustainable future and a resilient food system then everyone will need to learn how to share .. and this might aswell start with something we all own – public land.

So now it seems the only thing to stand in the way of this great project to get off the ground is time.

For inspiration closer to home be sure to check out the plans for the Food Forest at Daylesford Secondary School (amazing work Patrick!), The City of Melbourne Urban Forest plans, West Brunswick Food Forest. And for our New Zealand readers, the Hawea Food Forest and the upcoming Waiheke Food Forest.

Know of any community food forests? Let me know, this is inspiring stuff!

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