And the winners are …

After 2 months of talking, planning, writing, dreaming and hoping, the Reclaim the Curb competition is finally all over. We received some amazing entries and thankyou to everyone who took the time to enter. I wish I could say that the decision on the finalists were easy but honestly it was far from it. Although the finalists are well deserving of the funds, fruit trees and workshop passes, I’m sad that not everyone could share in the bounty! But its a competition and there were parameters and promises …

So before I announce the finalists I would like to give a highly commended appreciation award to the Laneway Enrichment Project. The submission was outstanding but unfortunately it did not make it into the top 3 this year. The vision for this project is amazing, and reclaiming forgotten public space like laneways is something we are really supportive of. The project is still in its infancy and we would like to offer our services in supporting this group win over council and create a bench mark project for growing in laneways in Victoria (and Australia!). Should you wish to get involved and support this (particularly everyone out there that backs onto a laneway or enjoys the amazing personal yet public nature of laneways!) please get in touch by emailing us or leaving a comment below.

And now to the winners … the top 3 entries for 2013 are:


Eaglehawk Primary School

Schools are amazing places for the community to centre itself around and although there seems to be a lot of activity setting up gardens for the students to enjoy, this submission plans on extending this far beyond the boundaries of the school. With the most humbling writting support from teachers, students and the council, this regional school is out to take school gardening to another level!

Outhwaite Road, Heidelberg Heights

Submitted by Clare Dynon, this submission was outstanding. Not only as part of the local transition group in Heidelberg Heights has she started to reclaim her curb already, but she has started to canvas the local council, she has investigated appropriate planting solutions, has a plan for public furniture and composting… and she is winning the media over too. Her submission was highly detailed and demonstrated her dedication to public land and civic participation. Watch out Banuyle Council, here comes a new benchmark in public gardens!


Johnson Strip, Northcote

The Johnson Strip project is super exciting. Paul and Nikki have already taken over the curb in front of their place with several raised beds … and now they are planning on taking over their whole street – and we would like to help them do this! This project is highly public with ability to engage with alot of people. The judges enjoyed the blackboards on the side of the raised beds and wicking beds. We are hoping to see fruit trees, community compost and public infrastructure too in the near future!

(check out the developments of this strip at Paul’s blog)


Thankyou again to everyone who entered the competition, and stay tuned over the coming weeks as this blog revisits some of the entries to share with you the creativity behind the submissions.

And finally, we have had so much fun putting on this competition, 2014 is already being planned for! Its all in planning stages at the moment so as it forms I’ll let you know. Should you wish to be involved in next years competition, please get in touch.

Go well. Juliette.

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When Juliette was little, she came home from school and asked her mum in her little teary voice why the other kids at school didn’t like her. Her mum reassured her and said 'Don't worry Juliette, you're just different. That's all.' Since then, aware of her obvious difference to everyone else, Juliette is spending her time doing exactly what people wish to be doing – exactly what she wants. This blog is a celebration of taking a deep breath and just doing it. Currently Juliette can be found sipping tea and gardening somewhere in Central Victoria, Australia with her beloved and their excitable boys. She is also completing her PhD in Civic Agriculture and teaches at RMIT in Sustainable Consumption and Design Activism.

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