Project: Stealth Raised Beds on a Concrete Curb


I live in Castlemaine, Victoria which is a small to medium size town about an hour and a half north of Melbourne. The area is famous for its gold mining history, amazing architecture and a flux of ‘blow ins’ from the city which have bought with them coffee, cafes and culture. Its a buzzing little town with a lot going on for it – and what I enjoy most about it is the incredible sustainability related activities that are based here, often breaking new ground.

One of the projects is The Hub Plot located behind an old pub. The front of the pub is now the acclaimed Good Table restaurant, the rear of the pub is a creative workspace area based on the hub model, and the old beer garden is now a food growing demonstration plot. Brilliant.

I’ll share more with you about the Hub Plot another time as I think the people involved in it deserve for their own voices to be heard, but in the mean time I wanted to share with you a raised bed garden located just outside the plot of public land .. a curb side no less!



When I first walked past it was only a wooden box (with excellent craftsmanship, check out the angle of the curb and the neatly fitting planter box – serious kudos there!)…. but the following week it was all planted out, sign and all. The footpath here is wide with a smaller amount of pedestrian traffic than on the main drag. Its about the width of a car so its easy to gain access to the street. The box itself is made from happy wood and is actaully a wicking bed. At the moment a type of chinese vegetable is being grown (forgive me for my lack of botany knowledge here!).




I’ll be sure to keep you up to date with how it progresses. I hope the local council is as into it as I am.

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When Juliette was little, she came home from school and asked her mum in her little teary voice why the other kids at school didn’t like her. Her mum reassured her and said 'Don't worry Juliette, you're just different. That's all.' Since then, aware of her obvious difference to everyone else, Juliette is spending her time doing exactly what people wish to be doing – exactly what she wants. This blog is a celebration of taking a deep breath and just doing it. Currently Juliette can be found sipping tea and gardening somewhere in Central Victoria, Australia with her beloved and their excitable boys. She is also completing her PhD in Civic Agriculture and teaches at RMIT in Sustainable Consumption and Design Activism.

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