Project: Free Food

Earlier this year, Reclaim the Curb interviewed Patrick Jones from the Daylesford Community Food Garden. His insights into the food movement and secular issues around this issue has always been an inspiration to me. Not to mention is whole-hearted commitment to living lightly yet passionately ..

I guess it comes as no surprise then that I was thrilled to be able to help spread the word about a new project he and his family are working on – Free Food. Patrick, Meg, Zeph and Woody from Artist as Family and they will spend a year bike-camping along the east coast of Australia whilst extending their knowledge of foraging, hunting and bartering for food, and researching wild edibles. What they learn will be gathered into a must read book to be kept on the low short shelf of every food activist, environmentally concerns household in the area.

It does come as a surprise, however it shouldn’t, that the project has already raised enough money so my plug is not only too late but in excess to what has already been done. What this tells me is a few things ..

Firstly, that social capital does translate into dollars. Patrick and Meg’s community have come together to support this family, as the family has supported so much of what has been done for others.

Secondly, that Patrick and Meg continue to make amazing things happen with the ever so lean financial requirements. A lesson to us all.

And thirdly – imagine how great this project would be if they had double the money they initially wanted to raise.

41 people got together to raise just over $3000 to support a project that is arguably one of the more significant steps towards enabling food sovereignty than any community garden, blog, network and food hub in Australia have yet. So get your pozible account on and support a worthy project.

PS A BIG goodluck to Patrick, Meg, Zeph and Woody (and Zero!) for their trip – go well, eat well and can’t wait too see you next spring.

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