Around the World: Farm Cardiff Farm!

The explorations continue, as we start this year of blogging having a look at some projects from across the world. Some more familiar than others, but all inspiring.

Well Cardiff seems to be really going places, well to be more accurate they are create places in Cardiff!

Not only does the city have 2000 active allotments over 28 sites, but the folks over at Transition Cardiff believe they can squeeze in a bit more food growing ..

I’ve been following the Farm Cardiff facebook page for a while now and it is really exciting to see how many sites they have managed to map as potential sites for urban farms. I know I’m preaching to the converted here when I talk about the importance of co-location of growing food where people eat it .. but a project like this is so super simple I’m wondering why not all cities have them! I think Cardiff now just needs a Reclaim the Curb collective so that these sites can start producing food!

Another cool project happening in that neck of the woods is Fruit Share (run by the guy who does that River Cottage show.. he must have left his cottage by the river to run this). The project essentially promotes the idea of fresh fruit to school aged kids by handing out fruit trees which can grow on the school’s site. Very cool stuff indeed.

And finally, did you know that Cardiff was the world’s first Fair Trade City (which happened in 2004). Be sure to check it out when you are in that neck of the woods.



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