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Way back in 2011 when conversations around forming the collective of Reclaim the Curb were just starting, Mat and Vanessa from Melbourne City Roof Top Honey were there front and centre. Their support from day dot has been invaluable as it has continually reinforced the importance as a group such as this… Which is kind of ironic as its the bees that we all need.


Fact for today – did you know at least 1 in 3 mouthfuls are a direct result of the wonderful pollinating efforts by bees. So when disasters such as the collapse of honey bees in 2007 (Colony Collapse Disorder) around the world, the Asian Bee threat and the Varroa Mite on our doorstep, a serious risk is taking place on our natural food supply!

Placing bee hives on roof tops in urban centres has now become a global phenomenon with similar projects in Paris, London, Toronto, San Francisco, New York, and Hong Kong.

Mat and Vanessa started their bee project in 2010 and since then have re-homed 70 swarms of bees in sites around the City of Melbourne. Very impressively they also have more than 400 individuals and businesses wanting to get involved by adopting or sponsoring a hive – talk about a project with demand!

We are proud as punch to be able to call Melbourne City Roof Top Honey as one of our sponsors for our competition. The lucky winners from Victoria will receive passes to one of Melbourne City Roof Top Honey‘s workshops and a stack of seeds to help build a bee friendly garden.

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Thanks to Mat and Vanessa for their support and for the amazing photographs today.


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