The Urban Bee Hive Supporting






When the message gets spread, well the message really gets spread around here! Typically the bee community are the first to know all about it – how art mimics life or life mimics art!

The Urban Bee Hive, a Sydney based organisation who, like their Melbourne counterparts, host bee hives on buildings around the city to encourage those active pollinators back to urban areas. Since 2010, The Urban Bee Hive have been installing and managing bee hives in backyards, community gardens and on roof tops from Bondi to Marrickville. They even have one in the Botanical Gardens – what a claim!

The Urban Bee Hive has totally embraced the spirit of sharing what they know and will be donating as a prize for our competition a Full bee experience day visiting hives across the city while live hive inspection rounds are being done! And a jar of honey from one of those locations at the end.


Thankyou for your support Urban Bee Hive!

20140128_105038   DSC_0014 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_1747 IMG_1748  IMG_9575



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