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So I’m just a little bit in love with Ooooby! Another outstanding acronym: Ooooby = Out Of Our Own Backyards, Ooooby has just come to our shores, all away across the ditch. Take over the reigns of Food Connect Sydney, Ooooby is now servicing Sydney making good honest local easier for those people who don’t live as close to their food as they would want to, to get the food that’s good for them. Similar to Food Connect, all profits generated from the business are reinvested into developing local food production –  this includes paying their producers 50% of the retail cost of their food … something those big bad supermarkets just could not compete with.

Murat and the team at Ooooby are doing an outstanding job filling the shoes where Food Connect Sydney left off and growing this amazing enterprise. Despite only being Sydney side since the start of the year, they are ready to get involved with other activities happening around the space by supporting the Reclaim the Curb competition. Ooooby will be donating food boxes to help feed the working bee when its time for action.

A big thankyou to Oooby for their support and best wishes for settling in this year. Also a heart felt thanks goes to Sophia Alison who kindly took these beautiful photographs for us.

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