And the winners are..

Its Friday the 13th today. Unlucky for some, not so much for others. It is today that we announce the winners of our 2014 Reclaim the Curb competition. This is the second time this competition has run, and it is still so exciting to see how many passionate people there are to turn the space around them into productive places. This year we have organised prizes for winners from Tasmania, Victoria and NSW. Sadly we did not receive any entrants from NSW. However, this has now allowed us to award a ‘runner up’ prize from another state.

Before I go on to announce the winners, let’s have one more look at the prizes ..


Everyone will receive

– Pip magazines for their reading pleasure

– Bound copies of the People’s Food Plan, DVDs of Fair Food (to be released in Sept 2014) and 1 year’s membership to the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliances


The winner from Tasmania will receive:

– Double workshop pass to an introduction course on permaculture, thanks to Good Life Permaculture

– Seed packs from Urban Farming Tasmania

– Garden consultation from FIMBY (must be within 1 hour of Hobart)

– 5 tote bags from The Field Institute

+ $500 in cash to help start your public garden! A big thankyou to Energy to the People and Growing Abundance.


The winner from Victoria will win..

– Workshop passes and a stack of seeds from Melbourne City Roof Top Honey

– Workshop passes and 3 bare rooted fruit trees from Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens

– A double pass to an upcoming Edible Weeds tour from Very Edible Gardens (VEG)

– A dew seedlings, seed packets f their much sort after broad beans and a few boxes of fruit and veg from CERES

– Double workshop pass from Growing Abundance

– 10 x Vic Guides, 1 x Double pass to workshop after end May from The Field Institute

+ $500 in cash to help start your public garden! A big thankyou to Energy to the People and Growing Abundance.


And the runner up will take home

+ $500 in cash to help start your public garden thanks to Energy to the People and Growing Abundance.



And so, the winners are ..


Reclaiming North Street, Tasmania

The application for North Street was a story of a street coming alive over an idea. Sarah, the author of the application, took us on her journey as she connected and captured the hearts of North street’s residents to inspire them to reclaim their curb.




Murundaka Cohousing Community, Victoria

A fantastic, well considered application to turn a really wide forgotten nature strip into a productive space. Outstanding research, illustrations and community engagement.




and the runner up… an entrant that really was outstanding application that we couldn’t go passed.

The Laneway Enrichment Project, Victoria

A very melbourne project that we just couldn’t go past, The Laneway Enrichment Project is actively working with residents of a dead end laneway in Melbourne’s inner north to create a highly social productive commons. Using a space that could be forgotten, this group of residents are working together to connect with each other and provide some extra growing space in a high density environment.


Finally a big thankyou to all of our supporters that contributed prizes this year, particularly to Growing Abundance and Energy for the People. Congratulations to all of the entrants as well. May your gardens grow abundantly.




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