We like food fresh, fair and free. We like curb-sides that enrich and connect people. We’d like to support people that are inspired by the same things.

Reclaim the Curb and The Foraging Commons, with the support of Mount Alexander Sustainability Group will be holding the second annual competition to create Australia’s most edible curb in 2014.

Keen to get involved? We need you to:

  1. Get in touch with people on your street (the more the better) and find out if they like the idea of fruit trees, flower beds, hedges, fresh herbs, seating or other useful things being set-up on their street
  2. Agree on what you would like set-up (in a general sense) and where these things might go (in an even more general sense)
  3. Commit to paying for some plants and looking after them (harvest, prune, mulch, water) once they go in (a budget no more than $300 should easily be enough)
  4. Compile an application for the competition ..

Competition entries should address the following requirements:

  • The project must use food as a way to activate an existing curb-side, or build on already active curb-sides. For example, planting fruit trees or making planter boxes that enhance curb-sides and streetscapes
  • Must be implemented by October 2014
  • Projects should consider how simple infrastructure can support social exchange around food – or example, a food box for protecting food stuffs that can be swapped and shared by passersby, or a table and chairs that people can sit at and enjoy
  • Demonstrate that residents and businesses local to the project have been consulted, and are supportive of the plan
  • Demonstrate that the plan complies with local council requirements, or at a minimum:
    • Is safe
    • Does not obstruct passing foot or vehicle traffic, including space for opening car-doors
    • Has a maintenance plan to ensure the space is well kept

    And include:

  • Details of the site including the address, photos, video’s or drawings
  • Details of the project plan including visual and verbal descriptions
  • Documentation that shows the project requirements listed above have been addressed

A winner from each state* will be selected by a panel of representatives across the food activist field. The prizes for each winner will build up over the course of the competition campaign and will be finally announced on May 23rd 2014. More details on this will be posted on the blog and facebook. There is also a list (in progress) at the bottom of this page.

If you wish to support this project please email reclaimthecurb (at)

Send questions and entries to reclaimthecurb (at) gmail. Deadline is 5pm 30th May 2014.

* Note: Currently we are sourcing prizes for every state, but this may not happen by the competition deadline. Currently there are prizes available for NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. Updates to this will be detailed here, on the blog and on facebook.


Pip Magazine – for your reading pleasure, all winners will receive a few copies of the newly launched Pip Magazine

Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance – Bound copies of the Peoples Food Plan, DVDs of Fair Food, Australia’s first feature length documentary (release date expected to be September this year), Free one-year memberships of AFSA (as a group = $100; as individuals – $25 x number of individuals)


Michael Mobbs – Design Consultation

Milkwood Permaculture – One Pass to an Introduction to Permaculture course

The Urban Beehive – A full day exploring, experiencing and tasting the hives around Sydney, you even get to take some honey home with you!

Ooooby – Vegie boxes to help feed the working bee!

Terra Permaculture – One Pass to a Permaculture Design Course

The Field Institute – 5 x NSW Guides

+ $500 in cash to help start your public garden! A big thankyou to Energy to the People and Growing Abundance.


Melbourne City Roof Top Honey – Workshop Passes and a stack of seeds to grow bee friendly plants

Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens – Workshop Passes and 3 bare rooted fruit trees

Very Edible Gardens (VEG) – Double Pass to an upcoming Edible Weeds tour

CERES – a few seedlings, seed packets of their much sort after broad beans and a few boxes of fruit and veg

Growing Abundance – Double workshop pass

The Field Institute – 10 x Vic Guides, 1 x Double pass to workshop after end May.

+ $500 in cash to help start your public garden! A big thankyou to Energy to the People and Growing Abundance.


Good Life Permaculture – Double Workshop pass to an Introduction course on Permaculture

Urban Farming Tasmania – Seed packs

FIMBY – Garden consultation, must be within 1 hour of Hobart

The Field Institute – 5 x Tote bags

+ $500 in cash to help start your public garden! A big thankyou to Energy to the People and Growing Abundance.