To Judge

We are entering the final stages of this competition, but before it all done and dusted its time to find some amazing, inspiring judges to select the winners from each state. What makes a good judge? Well I’m not too sure yet! But I do know some out of this world incredible people who have a better idea than most on what makes great public gardens, how to connect communities and build change. So I’ll nominate, you choose.

To have your say on who you would like to judge, head over to our facebook page and ‘like’ the post with your choice of judge. I’ll be posting for the next 5 days so be sure to follow the Reclaim the Curb facebook page to keep up to date with new developments.

Judges will be announced on Monday 19th… so go get voting!


The Field Institute Supporting

I moved to a small town about 2 years ago. I was nervous with the move that everyone in town would know everyone’s business and I would find that really over whelming. I know its the quintessential fear of small town living, and the anonymity a criticism of big city living but it fueled my apprehension nonetheless. 2 years on and I can honestly say that its all true. Everyone in town knows everyone’s business! But the interesting thing is that I like it! People know when you’re having a hard time and tend to help out or offer a hand. Conversely if things are going well, there are people to celebrate with.

And celebrate I will when I was introduced to Ewan McEoin, of The Locavore Edition and The Field Institute fame earlier this week. Ewan has worked on the Fair Food Documentary with the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance whom we featured earlier this week. Ewan has been amazingly supportive of the Reclaim the Curb’s competition and in such a short week has offered an amazing suite of prizes to add to our increasing pile!

The Field Institute is a design-led research, communications and strategy office with a focus on food, growing, harvesting, cooking, sharing, eating food! The Field Institute has a range of projects including the very popular Locavore Editions (which they are working on the Tasmanian one right now … submission still open!), The Fair Food Documentary, Food Strategy Research Projects, Workshops and Exhibitions.

And for the prize pile .. From Ewan and the amazing team at The Field Institute we have ..

For NSW ..
5 x NSW Guides
For Victoria ..
10 x Vic Guides
1 x Double pass to workshop after end May.

For Tasmania ..

5 x Tote bags (I’m sorry the guide isn’t out til September but the bags are very sweet!)


A big thanks for the support from Ewan and the Field Institute team. We look forward to watching your research grow!



Growing Abundance Supporting




Australians have been blessed with an incredible history of suburban food production. Sometimes it feels like everywhere you look there are fruit trees and edible plants! Often it can feel like much of the best fruit is growing on someone else’s tree, in someone else’s yard … and worse still sometimes it feels like that fruit is often left to fall and rot, instead of picked, shared and enjoyed.

Well, with all of this in mind, and so much much more, Growing Abundance was established in 2010 as a bit of experiment to see what would happen if the fruit from backyards were picked, shared and enjoyed by the community. Inspired by the Abundance programs in the UK, Growing Abundance in Castlemaine applied for a grant to harvest 20 trees that first year. But of course, things don’t always go as planned. That year the drought also broke in central Victoria. People who never knew they had fruit trees, now had an abundance of fruit growing in their backyards. Lucy, the coordinator for Growing Abundance, still remembers the first phone call their received after sticking up posters all over town calling for fruit trees that need to harvested. The phone call was from someone with a small forgotten orchard, 40 trees needed to be harvested! And the program snow balled from there.

Although the harvests are still the cornerstone piece of the Growing Abundance project, the group also holds community preserving and jamming days, curated a local produce guide, more workshops than you can poke a stick at and a food for thought taking series. They have also set up a sister project called CAKE which runs a catering business, the school canteen and a weekly community lunch.

Pheww talk about quite the project. What I continually find inspiring about this project is that despite being largely run by volunteers and entirely depend on grants, it is a project dedicated to dreaming big for their community.

Despite all that is going on for Growing Abundance, this year will be their second year to support the Reclaim the Curb Competition. This year they will be offering a double pass to an upcoming workshop to the Victorian winners, plus donation of $400 that will be used as prize money.

Thankyou Growing Abundance, and Lucy for your continual support, I’m thrilled to have your support for another year!




Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance Supporting

We have entered a pretty exciting point in the Reclaim the Curb competition today – 4 weeks to go before we get to award all of these amazing prizes and enable self organising communities across several states in Australia to turn under used public land into productive commons. Its getting pretty exciting!

There are a few things planned to ramp up the competition towards the end, so stay tuned to this blog and the facebook page for updates… And today, I get to announce a really exciting supporter, another urban agriculture royalty the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance.

If you haven’t heard of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance…. its time to get you up to speed! This group of proactive, determined, informed, and empowered individuals working away conscientiously together towards a food system where people have the opportunity to choose, create and manage their own food supply. They are not motivated by fame or fortune but rather quietly work away to make sure our food system is the way it should be.

Their work has included the national campaign around The People’s Food Plan and Fair Food Week.

So I am super excited to announce the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance’s support of the Reclaim the Curb competition. They will be awarding the winners from each state (Tas, Vic, NSW) ..

– Bound copies of the Peoples Food Plan
– DVDs of Fair Food, Australia’s first feature length documentary (release date expected to be September this year)
– Free one-year memberships of AFSA (as a group = $100; as individuals – $25 x number of individuals)

What a prize. A big thankyou to the AFSA, in particular Nick Rose who has been doing amazing work for this organisation and the greater fair food movement. Also a big thankyou to Ewan McEoin from The Locavore Edition for an outstanding job pulling together all the filming and production.

Terra Permaculture Supporting

This week I was approached by another lovely family establishing a permaculture homestead and farm but instead of Tasmania, Terra Permaculture is located 1.5hrs north of Sydney on the spectacular central coast. What is particularly exciting about this family is, is that they are basically at the beginning of their journey. So if you have ever dreamed of selling everything up and starting on your dream farm project then this is the blog to read!

By the way, they are also on the hunt for WWOOFers at the moment so if you know of anyone, please pass it on.

 Terra Permaculture is supporting the Reclaim the Curb competition by offering the NSW winner a pass to one of the Permaculture Design Courses (PDCs) which are run on the central coast. Thanks Terra Permaculture and I look forward to watching how your enterprise, garden, family grows 🙂





Ooooby Supporting

Web_IMG_0617 Web_IMG_0621 Web_IMG_0626 Web_IMG_0658 Web_IMG_0679

So I’m just a little bit in love with Ooooby! Another outstanding acronym: Ooooby = Out Of Our Own Backyards, Ooooby has just come to our shores, all away across the ditch. Take over the reigns of Food Connect Sydney, Ooooby is now servicing Sydney making good honest local easier for those people who don’t live as close to their food as they would want to, to get the food that’s good for them. Similar to Food Connect, all profits generated from the business are reinvested into developing local food production –  this includes paying their producers 50% of the retail cost of their food … something those big bad supermarkets just could not compete with.

Murat and the team at Ooooby are doing an outstanding job filling the shoes where Food Connect Sydney left off and growing this amazing enterprise. Despite only being Sydney side since the start of the year, they are ready to get involved with other activities happening around the space by supporting the Reclaim the Curb competition. Ooooby will be donating food boxes to help feed the working bee when its time for action.

A big thankyou to Oooby for their support and best wishes for settling in this year. Also a heart felt thanks goes to Sophia Alison who kindly took these beautiful photographs for us.

Web_IMG_0680  Web_IMG_0706 Web_IMG_0708 Web_IMG_0711

Pip Magazine Supporting

Earlier this month the much anticipated and wonderfully designed Pip Magazine was launched at CERES – and what a beautiful thing it was!

A magazine designed for and with the Australian permaculture community, it offers a place for collaboration, connection and sharing of ideas, knowledge and experience to ultimately integrate permaculture and sustainability principles into everyone’s life….

I particularly love the duck on the cover!

Pip has kindly offered to support the Reclaim the Curb competition by offering a few magazines to the winners from each state. Thank you!

But if you can’t wait til mid June to get your hands on a this little beauty, you can pick up a copy from here, or even better subscribe! Also there is a handy e-newsletter Pip puts out aswell which is well worth signing up to.