Energy for the People Supporting


There is small forgotten sign on the corner of Bligth and Lygon streets in Brunswick, Melbourne that advertises the ‘Brunswick Electricity Company’. I’ve never been able to get a great photo of it (so if you have one I would love a copy!). The sign has always made me smile because it reminds me of a time long past when a decentralised system was the norm, small was beautiful, and livestock was probably still kept on suburban allotments allowed to be herded along the banks of the Merri Creek.

I like the idea that each suburb might have their own energy company whether it be food or electricity. There is so much potential to co-locate energy supply and people, even when density is high, it little wonder why these two basic necessities  (food and electricity) are so removed from us, the users.

So while there is much hype, song and dance (and amazing competitions!) around bringing food back to where people live to reconnect them with the basic energy system, much rumbling has been happening around energy, albeit a bit more quietly.


Energy for the People is one such company that is applying imagination, skills and experience to deliver clean energy and energy efficiency projects, and to challenge the current energy market status quo. Their mission is to enable the rapid transition to a citizen-powered clean energy market.

Impressive huh? and one particularly radical project they recently launched is The People’s Solar, a community centred initiative to crowd fund solar panels to benefit the entire community. Solar panels are installed on the roofs of child cares, schools, community buildings, aged care facilities, and more – and the savings gained from the solar panels are then invested into the community, which could include small projects bike parking and raised garden beds on foot paths, right up to training and mentoring programs for those in need. Inspiring stuff.

What’s more inspiring is that Energy for the People want to support the Reclaim the Curb competition with a whooping $1250 to go towards our growing cash prize, giving us a nice, round $500 cash prize for each competition winner.

Thank you Energy for the People, and looking forward to seeing a more citizen-powered energy market soon!


A Message from Our Sponsors

Since the announcement of the Reclaim the Curb Competition to Create Australia’s Most Edible Curb Side a few amazing, generous and committed sponsors have come forward to support this crazy idea. In the coming weeks I’ll introduce you to them individually in a lot more detail but since their logos are now added to the side bar, I thought I would sing their praises …

First up is the amazing team at Cultivating Community led by Michael Gourlay. Working with communities to develop a fair, secure and resilient food system – this is a group of people that practice what they preach! Check out the inspiring list of activities and services that they offer … and while you are there check out who works there, its like the who’s who list in local food activism in Melbourne!

The revolution continues with our second sponsor, Energy for the People led by Tosh Szatow and Alex Houston. This radical energy company formed to challenge the current energy market status quo by developing and implementing innovative, commercially viable clean energy projects for the residential market. If the clean energy sector had a best kept secret list that they didn’t want you to know about, then Energy for the People would be holding onto the no. 1 spot. They also have a really thoughtful blog on their industry views which is well worth a read.

And finally One Planet Living which is an amazing initiative developed by Bioregional and WWF as a call to arms to be more accountable for how we live our lives. The group has developed 10 principles of sustainability to enable this shift…. Choosing low impact, local, seasonal and organic diets and reducing food waste is one important component of this. To see where you could improve your lives check out their impact calculator to find out how many planets you are using up. Special thanks to Ed Cotter for organising this.

So far the competition has raised $1750 to be divided between 3 winners. Peresonally I would like to be giving each winner $1000 each so, if you, your community group, business, corporation or pet would like to sponsor please get in touch by either leaving a comment below or emailing reclaimthecurb at